Monday, August 12, 2013

April 23, 2012- And, On A Lighter Note, A Rabbit

Dear Anne,
      We went to visit Maria in the hospital today. Apparently her throat just swelled up all of a sudden. She looks awful. When we were in the waiting room, an ambulance pulled up outside. I watched from the window as they rolled out a stretcher. There was a man there and his leg was almost completely severed.

       I don't think anyone was supposed to see that. I almost threw up and I think I had sort of a miniature panic attack- not sure. It was awful.

       However, I don't think that Jehan would have been scared, so I keep telling myself that it wasn't that bad. But it was. Now, any time I close my eyes I see that man's leg... can you imagine how awful that would be? To have your leg severed in some horrific accident like that, and you would never be able to live your life as usual, ever again? You may never walk again- or, at least, you would have to learn how to use a fake leg. That would be really sickening.

     Marleni said the oddest thing today. I'm going to give you a rough transcript, because I haven't been able to forget it all day.

    "Once, when I was younger, my friend Natalie and I saw a rabbit fall out of a tree. I have no idea how the rabbit got there, but it was up in a really high tree and it just jumped off. It was a very brave rabbit, I think. Or maybe it was very stupid, because it was under the illusion that it was a bird. Either way, it landed on a car that was driving under the tree. We watched the car just speed off, and the rabbit was just sitting on the roof of the car, twitching it's nose- I don't think the driver of the car even realized that he had gained a new pet rabbit. Isn't that odd?"

       Marleni has the most interesting stories...

                Yours until the core of the earth implodes and we all burn in agony for all eternity,

P.S.- Was the sign off too much today? Not sure. I like it, though.

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