Tuesday, August 6, 2013

April 18, 2013- A Normal Day

Dear Anne,
      It's Thursday. Happy Thursday.

      Thursday's are always lovely because we have art at school, which I just adore. Art is always such a peaceful class, because all of the kids are really quiet. Have I told you this before? Well, if not then I suppose I ought to, because it is such a funny story that I don't want to ever forget it.

       As I've mentioned before, the school's art teacher is Miss Gryffin. She makes us call her Madame Gryffin, even though she isn't married, but because she's a bit... what is another word for crazy? Something non-offensive... oh! Eccentric! She is a bit eccentric. She always has a different accent every day, and wears odd wigs and strange clothing- I wonder if Jehan's wardrobe would be like hers? I can imagine that. Well, anyway, odd as she may be, Madame Gryffin is certainly no fool.

        She takes all of the troublemakers and places them at one table a bit farther away from the other tables. This table has a little jar on it, filled with some sort of potpouri. It smells lovely but the fumes give you a headache after a while, which is why no one sits at that table. Well, the smell somehow calms the rude kids down- Maddy calls it "drugging them into obedience" but I think that's absolutely silly. Anyways, the classroom is always absolutely silent, and it is the best time to get work done.

       There isn't really very much to do in high school art classes, but there is a very large bin of feathers and beads and the like. Bridget and I sit there every class, just playing with the beads. Today I made a bracelet that I gave to Bridget. Bridget made three feather ornaments. She gave one to me and another one to Emilie Walker, who sits with us at lunch sometimes.

      Lucy is turning fourteen soon. I can't believe that she is getting so old! She's almost taller than me now, which is really incredible. She's always been so tiny. She's very happy that age is straightening her hair, though. She said that her waves were growing tiresome. I don't know what she's on about- if I had curls, I would treasure them.

      Lots of homework tonight. Book report on The Great Gatsby. I don't mind- it's such an interesting book. I heard there's a new movie coming out- I would like to see it after reading the book.

                               Yours until Death,

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