Wednesday, August 7, 2013

April 21, 2013- A Stain

Dear Anne,
      Avielle said the strangest thing today.

      Well, you know how Avi is, like, completely into Harry Potter and stuff? Well, today we all met up at the park, and she was sorting us all into different Hogwarts 'houses'. I don't know much about Harry Potter- it's always been a bit to confusing for me, even though the premise is really, really appealing- an unhappy boy finds out that he is a wizard and gets to go to this magic school. It's absolutely fascinating... wouldn't that be something to happen?

      Anyway, Avielle loves to tease me about my lack of Potter knowledge- she calls me Luna Lovegood, who I think is a character in the books. I'm not sure what that means.

     But today she called me something else- she called me a Hufflepuff. I wasn't sure what that meant, and I almost thought it was an insult- however, she assured me that it wasn't. And thus she gave me a rundown of all four Hogwarts houses.

   Apparently Ravenclaws are supposed to be very intelligent and witty, Gryffindors are supposed to be brave and chivialrous, Slytherins are supposedly very cunning and intelligent, and Hufflepuffs are loyal and honest.

     Now I would like to read the books, because this makes me think- am I a Hufflepuff, or am I more of a Ravenclaw? I only bring this up because Avielle said that she really wanted to "put me" in Ravenclaw, but overall decided I was more of a Hufflepuff. I would like to think that I am intelligent- I suppose that my grades don't really say either way.

     But Hufflepuffs are just supposed to be absolutely lovely people- they're always honset, which I always try to be, always kind, which I try my hardest to be every single day, and loyal- I don't really know if I am loyal, but I certainly would like to be. I care about my friends more than anything, so I suppose...

      I wonder what house Jehan would be in? i think he would be a Ravenclaw. But maybe he'd be a Hufflepuff like me.

     Anyhow, today Lucy spilled her grape juice all over the carpet. I told her not to take it in to the living room, but she did. We just had that room carpeted, too! And we would have to have chosen white, wouldn't we?

Anyway, when it spilled we both screamed and mother ran into the room. Lucy had put the glass down on the table, so mom couldn't tell who did it. She was furious and demanded to know exactly who had done it.

     I said it was me.

     What else could I do, Anne? Lucy looked so scared and it's her birthday in a couple of weeks, and I simply couldn't let her get in to trouble like that. Besides, it was my fault anyway because I never should ahve let her go in to the living room.

    I thought that mother was going to murder me, honestly. Her face turned all red and she grabbed my wrist so that I almost thought it would break. She forced me to clean up the entire puddle. I had to sit there for two hours dabbing that out of the carpet and I didn't get dinner tonight. It still isn't all out. Mother says I have to pay for the cleaning men to come and fix it.

     That's alright, though. I'm not angry. As long as it wasn't Lucy...

    I can't write any longer. My hands hurt from scrubbing.

                                   Yours till the moon goes dark,

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