Saturday, August 10, 2013

April 22, 2013- Hating Everything

Dear Anne,
      Is it possible to hate everything?

     Bridget says that it is. What's more, she says that she does hate everything. Frankly I think that she is simply being a bit overdramatic, but even so I comforted her and I listened to what was bothering her.

   Poor Bridget has such a great voice, but she thinks that she sounds absolutely awful. At her singing lesson she was completely unable to hit any of the notes that she had been practicing for weeks, and she told me that she started crying right in front of her instructor because she was so upset. And then she just wanted to get home because she had been crying when her mom started pushing her to say what was wrong when she obviously didn't wish to talk about it. And then her little brother wanted tog o look at video games, and Bridget didn't get home for twenty minutes. For some reason, when she tried to call me I wouldn't answer the phone. (Isn't it funny that when we actually need someone, they never answer when we call them?)

       And thus, she hates everything.

     Is this grounds for hating everything? I can't be sure. I suppose that it could qualify. It's just that I know how important singing is to Bridget, and it really surprised me that she told me all this because Bridget doesn't really like to talk about her problems- something that I suppose her mother should know.

     Even so, I feel that Bridget is being a bit overdramatic in this. Then again, I am not a singer. She just has so many self-esteem issues already that I honestly feel bad for her.

    I wish I could think of some way to help her.

    Today Maria Velazquez had another allergy attack. Apparently she accidentally ate something bad at lunch, and during math class her throat started to close up. Rachel and Brian took her down to the nurse. I hope that she will be okay. When Avielle found out, she was really upset. Apparently her mother is friends with Maria's from work, so Avi knows her. She said that she was going to visit her in the hospital later today, and Elsa and I are going to go along.

     Avielle emailed me the neatest thing. She made a picture of all of us on some online doll site. It's so pretty! I printed it out so I could paste it in this diary. I look so nice- green!

     I wish I could draw. I could actually DRAW a picture of all of us- it would be really cool. I think Noelle can draw- maybe I'll ask her.

                      Yours till the sea boils,

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