Tuesday, August 6, 2013

April 19, 2013- A Meeting

Dear Anne,
      Ally wants to hold another meeting tonight. It will be at Avielle's house, because Avielle's been banned from Ally's house after the pyrotechnic mishap from a few weeks ago.

     I have a few questions that i would like to bring up to the group- are the barricades really inescapable? I only mean, it seems rather strange that EVERYONE died. I don't quite understand how that could be. I mean, surely there must have been some way out... somehow.

     I honestly really love The Great Gatsby. To be honest, I think that my favorite character is Daisy. I know she comes off as a bit pretentious, but I really do think that she has a lot going on in her mind. I feel bad for her, being married to someone like Tom- whether he loves her or not, he's still cheating on her with Myrtle. I could never be married to anyone who didn't love me with all of his heart.

     But, maybe I'm simply old fashioned.

    I found a stray kitten today. I had to stop the limo and everything. The poor thing was shivering under a bush. I felt so bad for it. it was one of those little gray things... speckled, sort of. I don't know much about cats, but it was adorable. I wish I could have taken it home, but mom would never let me keep it. We took it to the pound. There are a lot of pit bulls there.

   Honestly, the pit bulls at the pound sort of scare me. I know it's sort of awful of me to think that, for I know that all pit bulls aren't awful, but... the ones at the pound just looked so angry. They were snarling and barking, and they just looked so upset! Their cells were filthy, and they were all dirty, and they were covered in fleas- oh, I just wanted to hug them! But I think they would have eaten me, so I forced myself to refrain.

  I can't write any longer- I need to get to the Amigas meeting.

                                         Yours until the Sun Explodes,

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